Paul B. Basseliz



Paul B. Basseliz is an attorney licensed in California and in the Federal U.S District Court, Central District of California. Paul dedicates himself to criminal defense and immigration matters. When you are faced with criminal charges Paul has the experience and charisma to obtain the best results for you.

When you or a loved one has been arrested or accused of a crime, the next moments or coming days can be confusing and unsettling. The best move you can make is to invoke your right to remain silent and immediately contact an attorney. Many citizens and non-citizens alike have rights that more often than not they are not aware of. This is where Paul can help guide and support you through the entire criminal process while analyzing and finding closure to your case or preparing the best defenses for trial.

Though Paul started out in criminal defense, he soon realized the important effects criminal charges can have on anyone either trying to adjust their immigration status or seeking legal entry into the United States.

Over time he has helped hundreds of clients clean up their criminal record and achieve their dreams of citizenship or legal permanent resident status. So, whether you are facing an intimidating criminal justice system or navigating the often complex immigration status process, Paul will be there to give you the straight answers you or your loved ones are seeking.


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